Shipping Agency

Estela Shipping SA is an independent shipping company with a reputation for delivering services of the highest standard.

With offices located in Europe, Central America and South America, and working with partners around the world, we offer continuity of service, professionalism and consistent quality. Estela offers solutions for  cruise liners, ferries, tankers, bulk carriers, fishing boats, oil rigs, scientific vessels, tugs and naval ships.

Among the services products and services we have been providing since 1850 are:

  • Food Provisions
  • Fuel, Lubricants and Oil
  • Legal Documentation and Permits
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Transportation Requirements
  • Warehousing and Logistics


Repairs and Servicing

Any work undertaken on your yacht is a huge commitment and probably the biggest concern for both you and your owner. By working with Estela Shipping and our network of skilled, reliable and experienced servicing and repair teams, you can be assured that any refurbishment or renovation work will be carried out in the most professional and exquisite manner. 


We carry out all aspects of repair work including paint work, hydraulics, water treatment, safety issues, communication systems, rigging to name but a few and are constantly seeking the latest innovative and state of the art methods to ensure of clients gain the maximum satisfactions that are available to us.

Customs Obligations

We know the headache, worry and burden it can cause you when completing the necessary paperwork and documentation correctly for the relevant authorities. It can often be time consuming task when you have numerous other chores that need to be focused on and this is where we can help relieve that weight off your shoulders. 


With decades of experience working alongside all the major ports worldwide we have built strong and trusted relationships with all the port authorities to help fast track the obstacles such as customs clearance, import and export issues, landing permits, immigration matters, survey and licencing certificates and any exemptions.

Logistics & Forwarding
  • SHIP SPARE PARTS LOGISTICS.  Due to the wide experience as shipping agents, we have the expertise in port and customs processes in this specialized field of logistics. Coordinating all parties involved in the shipment, going from the documentary issuers to the last crane operator is a must.
  • FREIGHT FORWARDING. We are proud to be awarded with our customer’s business and we are sensitive to each type of company; from the global companies who have a clear strategy in logistics and look for a key partner to fit into their supply chain design to the small exporters who need a closer support in the international transportation rules, we fit each company profile. Our customer success is ours and we know it. We provide trucking, ocean and air transportation through main carriers, as well as distribution services through our 3PL partners, offering from simple solutions to complex customs programs.
  • OCEAN CARGO. We provide our services through main global FCL, NVOCC and breakbulk carriers as well as vendor and order management support through our partners network.
    • AIR CARGO. The understanding of Air shipments as Premium product is key to us and we know how important the ´on time information´ and report are to the Airfreight customer.
    • TRUCKING SOLUTIONS. From FTL and LTL standard to door-to-to door white glove deliveries, our range of service providers allow us to cover all your transportation needs.
    • WAREHOUSING, CUSTOMS WAREHOUSING and DISTRIBUTION. From a simple multi-vendor ocean consolidators or pallet storage to e-commerce operations or “other than customs” operations, we fit in your project, your company profile and philosophy, creating a smooth process for your success.

Both your guests and your crew’s personal space on board your yacht can often be limited and the last thing you want is clutter and chaos! We have safe, secure and flexible storage and warehousing solutions to suit each client from one box to multiple items. Let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a flexible resolution to keep your items out of harm’s way.



When it comes to the security and deliverance of your goods, you need to be able to reply on a dependable and responsible organisation to offer a secure solution for your transport and storage demands. With over a 160 years experience in the ever changing world of cargo logistics, there are not many companies who can rival our capabilities and understanding within the industry. Our transportation and logistics team of talented individuals recognise the challenges and importance of each of our clients specific requirements to help provide smooth and continuous solutions that are supported by our state of the art technology, producing exceptional and cost effective results. Call us now to see how we can relieve the burden of all your transport needs now!



Transporting your cherished yacht can be an anxious time - praying that it arrives at its destination on time and in one piece! When you place your boat in our responsible hands you can be confident it will be tended to with the care and attention you would expect. We understand how to effectively handle any problems or issues that might arise to protect your investment by utilizing only the very best and most experienced shipping vessels on the sea who, like ourselves, have a reputation of honesty and reliability. You can also be guaranteed that we appreciate the trust you have given us to safely deliver your valuable cargo and therefore have the maximum insurance policies to cover all possible risks from the moment you hand it over to the moment we deliver it to your destination.Have a browse at some of our reviews to see why we are one of the most trusted transportation companies on the seas delivering all ranges of yachts with worldwide success.