Bunker Oil


Whether you are planning a long trip or exploring somewhere close by, making sure you have the right fuel, oil, lubricants and chemicals to maintain the smooth running of your engine is vital.

By using one of our many supply chains both in port or bunkering at sea, you will be looked after by one of the marine world’s specialised and devoted leading suppliers of marine fuels who understand the ever changing needs in energy efficiency in addition to the environmental protection of the seas you sail in.

As business partners of Termopetroli, one of the largest fuel and oil networks, we are able to offer extremely competitive prices on the most expensive commodity that your yacht requires.


We can also advise and assist you in the following areas:
-Cleaning of fuel, sewage and fresh water tanks, bilges and engine rooms with our high pressure hot water system
-Gas free cleaning
-Fuel centrifugation using Alfa Laval
-Hi-tech camera systems exploring the smallest spaces to inspect your tanks and bilges
-Antibacterial treatment
-Analysis of chemical and bacteriological fuel


As the official partners of Shell Oil and Lubricants in the Balearic Islands, we are able to offer the most competitive prices that other companies can only dream of supplying with resources available immediately upon request.


Using our knowledge of both the commercial and yachting industry, together with our expertise in the fuel industry, we continuously work in collaboration to provide the best substances for your vessel in order to maximise the full potential of your engines whilst at the same time safeguarding the longevity of your machinery in order to reduce labour costs and thus keep your vessels in the water than in the shipyards.