Maritime Consultants 


The safety of your vessel, your crew and your guests is absolutely paramount and we always put your safety first.

Having been in the maritime industry since the 1850’s, we understand more than anyone the importance of safety and protection at sea and work closely with several of the world’s leading maritime security providers to ensure protection from start to finish of any journey your embark upon.
We won’t burden you with huge amounts of paperwork but offer you advice and identify sensible measures to control the risks on board. We can offer you a consultancy service on all safety matters, anti-piracy measures and the wider aspects of maritime security including risk assessments no matter how big or small your vessel or route is. These include:


* Passage risk assessments
* Security planning and reviews
* Vessel security assessments
* Port facility security assessments
* Crew training and briefings
* Identifying hazards
* Evaluate risks and adopt precautions


Charter Authorisation
Whether you are a regular visitor to Mallorca or entering the waters for the first time, we can help manage all the relevant paperwork with the official government departments in order allow the chartering of yachts. We are authorised to issue contracts for all our clients and are able to receive payments on their behalf.

Yacht Registration
One of your most important and crucial decisions that need to be made when purchasing a yacht the ownership structure, choice of flag and its registration. When you are out at sea enjoying the views, entertaining friends and guests, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by sea and port authorities asking for all the relevant paperwork and carrying out inspections.
With our knowledge, experience and worldwide office locations, we are perfectly positioned to facilitate in the registration of both private and commercial yachts.
Having formed great relationships and trust with the main authorities over the years, we have successfully helped register thousands of vessels at extremely competitive prices and taken away the headache of all the paperwork involved in achieving such activities.

Notary Assistance
You want to enjoy your time spent on your yacht both on shore and off shore and not have the worries and responsibilities of mountains of legal documents that are required to be completed and updated. The old saying of “the happiest two days of buying a yacht are the day you buy it and the day you sell it” doesn’t exist when you use Estela Shipping!
The majority of most documents within the shipping and yachting industry require notarisation and we have a team of extremely qualified experts to help support you throughout all areas including:
* The purchase and sale of any vessel
* Validate identities and signatures
* Certify translations
* Perform conveyancing duties
* Create
* Serve and receive legal documentations
* Oversee declarations, sworn statements, contracts, declarations and other legal forms
* Manage and supervise any shipping protests

Flag Registration
One of the most important decisions you have to make when purchasing your yacht is the choice of flag state as it can have a huge bearing on all kinds of liabilities that you may not be aware of and could easily hinder the pleasure and enjoyment you should be experiencing. Many people and organisations don’t fully comprehend the importance of your flag registration – we do.
Buying a yacht is an expensive commodity and we want to help safeguard your investment with advice on tax advantages and insurance quotes in addition to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality by offering you the best guidance with your registration.